Welcome to Catholic Education Tasmania

What is Catholic education?

Catholic education is a formation of the whole person (intellectually, physically, morally, and spiritually) in light of the destiny that Jesus Christ has prepared for each of us.

How is it carried out?

This education takes the form of a gradual revelation of God's plan for salvation that encourages our own growth in knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of God's Kingdom, in Heaven and on earth. This brings in a study of Catholic belief alongside the full range of school subjects: English, Mathematics, the Sciences, the Arts, Physical Education, and more.

What about my child’s spiritual growth?

This is nurtured by personal holiness, prayer, and Sacramental life, all of which are encouraged in our schools and colleges. Parents are the first educators of their children. As a parent, you have a right and duty to nourish your child's spiritual development within your family. The Catholic school exists to support you in this vital education for this life and the life of Heaven that Jesus promised to us.

Will my children learn about the world around them?

Creation displays the beauty and design of God's plan. This we explore through mathematics, the sciences, and engineering. At the same time, the student grows in maturity.

So too, we explore the beauty of the human condition when we study the social sciences, creative arts and performance - as we grow in emotional maturity and wisdom.

Catholic Education Tasmania is proud of our system of schools and colleges. Faithful to our role in spreading the Gospel, we remain dedicated to the evangelising mission of Christ and the Church, as we work under the direction of our Archbishop Julian Porteous, for the growth of our students in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, prayer, and holiness.


Catholic Education Tasmania acknowledges and pays respect to the original and ongoing custodians of the land. We acknowledge the continuing connection to land, seas, air and waterways and commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of reconciliation. We honour Elders past and present.