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Insight, based on the science of learning and reading, encompasses the way we teach in every classroom. This teaching approach empowers all educators to help their students grow in knowledge, wisdom and service.

Our Insight Project has one single objective: to improve the learning achievement of every student in our schools. Decades of research now tells us that we improve student learning by helping teachers become even more effective in their daily teaching practice. 

Insight began in 2022 and has presently been embraced by 24 schools of the Archdiocese of Hobart. Led by Executive Director Gerard Gaskin, and Project Lead Jennifer White and her team of proficient educators, the Insight project focuses on improving the three key foundations of teaching and learning:

  1. A comprehensive, knowledge rich Curriculum: that supports student’s growth in learning, knowing and remembering - every day
  2. Cognitive Science (the Science of Learning): Developing our understanding about how people learn; to overcome the limits of working memory in order to maximise student learning and to build long-term memory in all key subjects
  3. High impact Pedagogy: Regular and intensive coaching to assist our educators in actively applying the science of learning as we design highly efficient and effective teaching and learning methods in the classroom

Catholic Education Tasmania is committed to supporting every student to grow in understanding and knowledge. We firmly believe the Insight project will serve the growth of our students as they understand the communal knowledge needed to function and flourish in society and in turn, build on their prior knowledge to respond in critical and creative ways to real world problems and daily life challenges. 

From the beginning of 2023 Catholic educators across Tasmania will study the science of learning and commit themselves to learning specific high impact teaching practices that will improve learning in every subject at every level, in every CET school. 

Insight will also provide educators with high-quality professional development opportunities through:

  1. Instructional Leadership: Coaching and mentoring for Principals and Leaders to support planning and implementation.
  2. High Impact Teaching Practice: Theory, coaching and resources to embed Science of Learning based teaching practice in all classrooms.
  3. Literate Learners for Life: Theory, coaching and resources to embed Science of Reading based teaching practice in all classrooms.


Teaching Matters Summit

We’re excited to have a curated selection of internationally recognised education experts join us for our must-attend professional learning event, Teaching Matters this April. With panel discussions and presentations across multiple days, program highlights include ‘The Science of Language and Learning’ keynote with Pamela Snow, Professor for the School of Education at La Trobe University, and ‘Motivation in the classroom  – How to boost student engagement’ keynote with Peps Mccrea, Dean of Learning Design at Ambition Institute and Director of Education at Steplab.

This must-attend professional learning event provides the opportunity for educators across Australia to learn from internationally recognised education experts and so much more.

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