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Improving the Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Research Project

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Catholic Education Tasmania is committed to improving the educational and well-being outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

As part of our strategic focus to Excel in Learning for All, Catholic Education Tasmania is engaging in a research project which will see CET work with Deakin University and the University of Tasmania to identify the contributing factors that influence student learning and well-being over a two-year period. Over this time frame, the research team will conduct case studies, surveys, analysis of relevant data, and a detailed literature review of evidence-based interventions and educational programs.

From this research a comprehensive report to inform processes and practices to support CET students is now available to download.


August 2021

Twelve months into this research project, this Interim Report provides an update on three major deliverables of the project: the literature review, the survey, and the light touch case studies.


May 2021

Researchers from Deakin University and the University of Tasmania conducted a literature review for Catholic Education Tasmania. This review sought solutions to the complex and diverse issues that impact upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success.

The literature review has two sections: This first section reviews the theoretical underpinnings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success at school, and the second section is an annotated bibliography of case studies that illustrate examples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success at school. The annotated bibliography includes case studies of Tasmanian examples and examples from elsewhere.


April 2021

The research partnership with researchers from Deakin University and the University of Tasmania is well underway.

All Catholic Education Tasmania schools have been invited to complete a census survey regarding what is already being done in schools, and to record reflections and suggestions from school communities about potential areas for improvement.

A number of schools have also contributed to interview sessions and more schools will be invited to participate in Term Two 2021. These interviews focus not only on the activities that were enabled by Student Success Grants but also on other initiatives to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

A literature review has been completed focusing on published literature from Australia and beyond about successful experiences, programs and interventions for First Nations people who have been colonised. A summary of this review will be presented to Principals during Term Two 2021. 


Further updates will provided on a regular basis as the project progresses. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Catholic Education Tasmania acknowledges and deeply respects the Palawa people, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, and all Elders past and present.

We are committed to learning alongside our students and community in this place, lutruwita, and support the continued sharing of knowledge and Culture.