Message from the Executive Director


Welcome to the new website of Catholic Education Tasmania.

Catholic Education Tasmania represents the collaborative efforts of 38 Catholic schools and colleges and the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office. It is a privilege for staff of Catholic Education Tasmania to serve the Catholic and wider Tasmanian community and, in particular, the parents and 16,000 children and young people placed in our care each day.

Catholic Education Tasmania is a significant contributor to the broader evangelising mission of the the Archdiocese of Hobart and the Universal Church. Pope Francis’ visible commitment to Christ’s humility, love and compassion are well known, as are his joy and tenderness. We take courage from, and aspire to follow, his example as we relate to our young people and we commit ourselves to offer student focused, Christ centred, learning for life.

Catholic Education Tasmania is founded on a proud tradition stretching back to the early 1800’s and ours is a story of courage, sacrifice, struggle, vision, commitment and above all of faith and trust in God. Catholic education in Tasmania owes a great deal to those who have gone before us, priests, religious and families and lay educators who worked, sometimes in difficult conditions, to provide quality Catholic education to young people. We remain committed to education in the Catholic tradition being guided by the person and example of Jesus who is the cornerstone of the Catholic school.

Catholic Education Tasmania recognises that contemporary school education is highly complex and resources are finite. This demands a collective and integrated approach to planning that begins first and foremost with being clear about our mission and purpose. When our vision is clear we are all better positioned to set timely priorities and then deliver on what we proclaim. This vision for Catholic Education Tasmania sits within the overall Diocesan Pastoral Plan we are all called to implement and manifests itself in the Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools.

Catholic Education Tasmania acknowledge families as the first and principal educators of their children. Our teachers and support staff work with families to support students to recognise, achieve and then surpass their potential, to believe in themselves and to have pride in their own achievements and abilities.

Our teachers share common hopes and expectations with families who want their children to become independent, confident and well-balanced young persons who are eager, competent, life-long learners. They work together to prepare children for living a productive and meaningful life.

Above all, we, as staff of Catholic Education Tasmania strive to develop in children faith, spirituality, life-giving values, and a clear sense of right and wrong to give greater meaning and purpose to all that they do. Families and teachers want our students to be good citizens and people of integrity.

Our website offers you the opportunity to learn and discover more about us. As Executive Director I welcome you and invite you to take time to explore and discover the information that we have provided for you. 

John Mula

Executive Director

Catholic Education Tasmania