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Catholic Education Tasmania is offering support to families financially impacted by Coronavirus, who may be experiencing difficulty paying school fees.

We are aware that many families will have unfortunately lost employment or business income due to Coronavirus. Catholic Education Tasmania is committed to providing fast, flexible and confidential financial assistance to support families with managing school fee commitments for 2020.

Catholic Education Tasmania’s School Fees Assistance Policy forms the basis of our response to affected families. A condensed fee assistance application form will be sent directly to families in the week commencing 30 March 2020, allowing them to provide an explanation of their current circumstances and the assistance they feel they need at this time. School finance staff will assess each application subject to criteria.

Your child is an important part of our community. An inability to pay fees at this time will not compromise your child’s place at our schools. We will work with you to find a solution to what will hopefully be a temporary financial hardship.


Catholic Education Tasmania aims to keep tuition fees as affordable for families as possible.

School fees and levies are necessary to supplement State and Commonwealth grants, provide sufficient funds to operate the school, and provide support for the educational environment and structure of the school.

School fees are set annually by each individual school or college.

Please contact your local Catholic school or college directly for more information regarding their fees, financial assistance, flexible fee payment options or available scholarships.


Catholic Education Tasmania recognises that there may be families with children eligible for enrolment who are willing but unable to meet the fee requirements due to financial hardship.

No child who is eligible for enrolment will be denied enrolment in a Catholic school or college because of financial hardship.

Families who are concerned about their ability to pay fees are encouraged to contact their preferred school to discuss possible options.

Family discounts are also available for families with three or more children attending Tasmanian Catholic schools or colleges.


Individual schools or colleges may be able to offer flexible fee payment options to assist families with payment of fees, such as monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments. 


Individual Tasmanian Catholic colleges may choose to offer scholarships to students in Years 7 to 12. These scholarships may be awarded for all round achievement including academic, cultural, sporting or community involvement. Scholarships are not awarded on the basis of financial need.