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Australia has always been a culturally and linguistically diverse place, and it currently comprises people from over 2,000 different ethnic backgrounds.

Catholic Education Tasmania welcomes learners from difference religious, cultures and language backgrounds so it is vital that students who have English learning needs are identified, supported and monitored in all aspects of their schooling. Meeting the needs of learners from diverse cultures and language backgrounds is the focus of English as an Additional Lanugage/Dialect (EAL/D).

Our schools and colleges are provided with educational support and funding to help them meet the needs of newly arrived students, as well as those students requiring support with learning English as an additional language or dialect. Individualised learning programs are provided for language learners where appropriate, and our schools and colleges ensure that our curriculum is culturally inclusive.

Language learning for EAL/D students is tracked according to the Australian Curriculum Guidelines. Language learners may be eligible for English Language Programme Funding, which further assists schools and colleges to provide EAL/D students with targeted English language learning.

As well as supporting the needs of students, Catholic Education Tasmania supports EAL/D families by providing interpreting services during the interview process and throughout their child's schooling, as well as maintaining close working relationships with relevant community agencies to ensure the appropriate support is available to families.

Supporting information for families of Refugee and Asylum-seeking backgrounds

The following downloads provide information on Catholic Education Tasmania in a range of languages and the services available to support families of Refugee and Asylum-seeking backgrounds within our schools.







Hakka Chin






Acknowledgement of Country

Catholic Education Tasmania acknowledges and deeply respects the Palawa people, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, and all Elders past and present.

We are committed to learning alongside our students and community in this place, lutruwita, and support the continued sharing of knowledge and Culture.