Strategic Priorities

Student Focused • Christ Centred • Learning for Life

Our Catholic Education Tasmania 2018 - 2020 strategic priorities are founded on the vision of providing student focused, Christ-centred learning for life.

Our focus for the next three years will be on the following key areas:

  • Make disciples of all
  • Excel in learning for all
  • Nurture leadership for all

These goals were developed to align to, and expand on, the four domains of the Archbishop's Charter for Catholic Schools - to enhance Catholic Identity, to foster Learning, to nurture Leadership, and to support Mission.

Make Disciples of All (Matthew 28:19)

Be inclusive, welcoming and give preference to those in need.

Be explicit in our Catholic identity.

Reach out in active discipleship.

Promote life-giving partnerships between Home, School and Parish.

Excel in Learning for All (John 10:10)

Achieve excellence in learning and teaching animated by faith.

Raise aspirations for students, staff and communities.

Infuse the core teachings of Catholicity across the curriculum.

Develop the whole person.

Nurture Leadership of All (John 13:12-15)

Nurture all for leadership to meet future challenges.

Develop capability and behaviours for effective leadership.

Develop personal resources for life-giving leadership.

Research and develop effective organisational models of leadership, sustainability and growth.


To achieve these goals we commit ourselves to be a community of faith, collaborative and connected, and courageous and creative.