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Family Factsheet

To support the return of students to Catholic Education Tasmania schools, our schools provided families with a factsheet to answer some frequently asked questions.

This is available to view via this website:

nbn Education Assistance Package

Catholic Education Tasmania is proud to share the news of nbn's $150 million COVID-19 relief and assistance package and what it means for low-income families with school-aged children.

Retail providers of nbn are now offering low cost nbn connections to low-income families. Each provider has different eligibility criteria and different terms. You can download more information about the package and eligibility criteria via this website:

Tips on what to ask when talking with a provider:
Ask what the eligibility criteria is.
Ask for a ‘No Lock In Contract’.
Ask them for a full list of costs that could be incurred between now and September 30 (example costs include; Install Charge, Setup Fee, New Development Charge, Modem Cost, Monthly Fee, Exit Fee).
Ask them what happens after September 30 (Will the service stop? Will you get a bill?).

Catholic schools returning to face-to-face learning

As part of the easing of restrictions in Tasmania under the COVID-19 response, Catholic Education Tasmania schools and colleges will begin a staged transition back to face-to-face learning for students during Term Two.

In alignment with the announcement from Premier Gutwein, on Monday 25 May 2020, all Kindergarten to Grade 6 students, and Year 11 and 12 students in Tasmanian Catholic schools will return to school for face-to-face learning.

It is expected that all Catholic school students will have returned to face-to-face learning by Tuesday 9 June 2020. Individual Catholic colleges may opt to welcome all of their Year 7-10 students back to face-to-face learning before 9 June. This phased approach has been developed in consultation with Education Minister Rockliff.  Your college will provide advice about the possibility of these arrangements.

Next week all families will receive further advice from their school communities regarding students returning to face-to-face learning.

Year 11 and 12 in North West Colleges

Further to our earlier announcement regarding the extended closure of schools in the north west, we recognise that this may cause some additional stress for our students in Years 11 and 12. The Marist Regional College and St Brendan-Shaw College sites will remain closed next week, however the Colleges will provide online learning support to their Year 11 and 12 students in week one of Term Two. This will commence from Monday 27 April 2020.

Staff from both Marist Regional College and St Brendan-Shaw College will be in contact with families and students with further information on how the online learning support will be provided.

Term Two for North West Schools

With COVID-19 related restrictions in the north west continuing into next week, Tasmanian Catholic schools in this region will be closed for week one of Term Two. Term Two in the north west will now commence from Monday 4 May 2020.

These restrictions also apply to students and school staff who live on the north west coast, but may attend an out of area school to learn or work.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in the north west—particularly with our staff, students and their families—and we give our thanks for their perseverance through this difficult time.

There have been no changes to the arrangements for Tasmanian Catholic schools in the north and south.

We look forward to welcoming our students in the north and south back to learning from Monday 27 April 2020 as they engage in a wide range of opportunities: whether they are learning@home from home or learning@home under supervision at school.

Read the full announcement from the Minister for Education and Training

We are here for you...

All within Catholic Education Tasmania are extremely grateful for the support of our students and their families during these unprecedented times.

Though we may all face challenges in the times to come, we want you to know that we are here for you.

#youvegotthis #strongertogether

Term Two: Information for families

Catholic Education Tasmania schools and colleges will commence Term Two on Monday 27 April 2020.

During Term Two our staff will continue to support families with delivering a learning at home program which is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Our teachers will provide students with a learning schedule and suitable learning activities, and will be in daily contact with their students to provide support with these activities.

CET school sites will be open and staffed from Monday 27 April for those students whose parents/carers work or whose parents/carers are unable to support or supervise learning from home.

Changes to School Arrangements from 30 March 2020

In support of the Premier’s announcement earlier this morning, wherever possible parents of Catholic school and college students are asked to keep their students at home from Monday 30 March 2020.

Tasmanian Catholic schools and colleges will be open next week for essential workers, and for those parents who are not able to support or supervise learning at home.

During the student free days to be held from Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April students may still attend school however there will be no formal classes. Our staff will provide students with recreational activities during school hours.

Thank you for working with us as we navigate this quickly changing environment together.

Changes to School Arrangements for Term One

Please find following a statement from Dr Gerard Gaskin, Executive Director, Catholic Education Tasmania:

Catholic schools and colleges in Tasmania will implement four additional student free days in the lead up to the scheduled Easter break. This will enable essential professional learning and planning time for school teachers and support staff in Tasmanian Catholic schools and colleges to focus on home learning opportunities for students.

“The expert health advice is clear that school sites remain safe for students and staff to attend, however it is important that we are well prepared to support children to learn at home, should sites need to close in the future, “ said Dr Gerard Gaskin, Executive Director of Catholic Education in Tasmania.

“From today, parents and carers may choose that their children are supported to learn at home, due to COVID 19. From the 6th-9th of April school staff will have the time they need to develop their skills and capabilities to effectively support this learning over the longer term. This includes becoming familiar with the learning at home materials and delivery methods, and preparing take home materials for students.”

Dr Gaskin said the education, health and wellbeing of Catholic Education Tasmania children and young people is vital.

“We know the important role that schools play in supporting the intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our young people and our communities.

“It is important that we continue to offer learning on school sites for as long as the health advice is that they are safe to stay open. While attendance figures are declining, our schools will continue to be open next week for students who are unable to learn at home.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank teachers, staff and leaders for their commitment to providing ongoing learning opportunities for all students in these unprecedented and extreme times.

“Schools are the heart of our communities and greatly valued, and the safety of students and school staff remains a top priority, Dr Gaskin said.

Schedule for Catholic Education Tasmania Schools & Colleges:

25/03 – 3/04
Learning will be delivered predominantly on school sites, parents may choose to keep their child at home should they wish and, so far as is practicable, learning at home opportunities will be provided.

Parents and carers who cannot support their child’s learning at home, may continue to send their children to their school.

06/04 – 09/04 (Holy Week)
School holidays commence for students (additional student free days prior to Easter)

School based staff plan and prepare for learning at home in Term 2, predominantly on school sites but some at home using online platforms.

At this stage it is planned that school sites will open at the commencement of Term 2.

“Let us follow the lead of His Grace, Archbishop Julian Porteous, as he calls us to reunite with our families and find new ways of observing the Sunday Sabbath, a much-needed time of rest and tranquillity in our busy week-day lives.

“Please join us in prayer each day for those people worldwide and among us who are suffering as a result of the pandemic. Let us turn in faith to Jesus Christ our Saviour in time of need," Dr Gaskin said.

Message from the Executive Director

CET Executive Director, Dr Gerard Gaskin, wishes to express his thanks to all in our community of schools for their continued support. A letter from Dr Gaskin to families providing an update on our response to COVID-19 is now available:

24 March 2020