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nbn Education Assistance Package

Catholic Education Tasmania is proud to share the news of nbn's $150 million COVID-19 relief and assistance package and what it means for low-income families with school-aged children.

Retail providers of nbn are now offering low cost nbn connections to low-income families. Each provider has different eligibility criteria and different terms. You can download more information about the package and eligibility criteria via this website:

Tips on what to ask when talking with a provider:
Ask what the eligibility criteria is.
Ask for a ‘No Lock In Contract’.
Ask them for a full list of costs that could be incurred between now and September 30 (example costs include; Install Charge, Setup Fee, New Development Charge, Modem Cost, Monthly Fee, Exit Fee).
Ask them what happens after September 30 (Will the service stop? Will you get a bill?).