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Towards 2023

Supporting Tasmanian students with more opportunities through Catholic education

Towards 2023

Tasmanian students can look forward to an exciting new vision for Catholic education and increased educational opportunities in the greater Hobart region.

To meet the needs of more students and their families across southern Tasmania, Catholic Education Tasmania is embarking on a project to extend the provision of Year 11 and 12 education in the greater Hobart region from two college sites to five.

From the commencement of 2023 three colleges—MacKillop Catholic College, St Aloysius Catholic College, and St Virgil’s College—will progressively extend their educational offering to Years 11 and 12*.

This will provide certainty for the future needs of students and complement the excellent year 11 and 12 education currently provided by St Mary’s College and Guilford Young College.

By combining our strengths, CET will create a fully operational and sustainable senior secondary system in the Hobart region that delivers improved outcomes by creating opportunities for Tasmanian students that would not otherwise be possible.

*Subject to approvals

APRIL 2021

Colleges collaborating...

Catholic Education Tasmania colleges are combining their strengths to increase educational opportunities for Tasmanian students.

In January, Guilford Young College invited their project college colleagues to meet with College staff and the design team from Luttrell Pyefinch Architects to learn more about the development of their Academic Resource Centre.

This Centre will provide an open plan and productive space for students. This will include areas where students can work collaboratively or individually, access quiet areas, or spaces to eat and socialise!

Staff from St Virgil’s College and MacKillop Catholic College attended the meeting and benefited from a greater understanding of Guilford Young College’s intentions to provide an innovative space for their students.

St Mary’s College staff met with staff from St Aloysius Catholic College to share their experiences of delivering Year 11 and 12 subjects. The staff discussed aspects of course delivery, timetabling, and provision of learning spaces: all designed to improve student outcomes!

What’s been happening...

We are excited to share with you some developments that are underway to support students and the increased delivery of Years 11 and 12!

MacKillop Catholic College students are already benefiting from several newly renovated facilities at their eastern shore campus. The College is also planning an extensive building program specifically designed to meet the diverse learning needs of senior secondary students.

Work has begun at St Virgil’s College to build their Maintenance Shed and Outdoor Education Storage at their northern suburbs campus. Preparations for the slab got underway before Easter. The College plans to have the shed constructed by the start of Term Two and fully fitted out by June.

Something that will appeal to students who fancy a spot of tennis is the installation of a double tennis court at the Glenorchy campus of Guilford Young College. Initial works have begun, and the court is due to be completed by the end of May this year!

Where to from here...

Staff from Guilford Young College plan to work alongside their project college colleagues. They will support teachers in their professional development in course counselling as they prepare to guide and counsel 2022 Year 10 students with Year 11 and 12 subject choices.

The Office of the Education Registrar is working with St Aloysius Catholic College staff on developing the required documentation to deliver Years 11 and 12. This will support the College’s proposed opening of their senior campus serving families from Kingborough and beyond at the start of 2022, and delivery of senior secondary education from 2023.

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) provides professional development opportunities for teachers who are new to teaching TASC courses. TASC is a key stakeholder in this project and meeting the TASC Standards is a requirement in the delivery of senior secondary education in Tasmania. CET staff from across the colleges extending to Year 11 and 12 will attend sessions to support them in developing the TASC Scope and Sequence documents that will detail the course content delivered for students.

In March staff from St Aloysius Catholic College, St Virgil’s College and MacKillop Catholic College, along with staff from the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, attended a TASC Quality Assurance Workshop.

The workshop—held by Mike Jenkins from TASC—provided staff with the opportunity to work alongside TASC to consolidate each colleges’ key documentation for Years 11 and 12. Staff found the workshop informative, particularly as it also allowed time to engage with and learn from staff from Department of Education colleges who have recently extended to offer Years 11 and 12.

College staff discuss the Guilford Young College Academic Resource Centre
Building works at St Virgil's College
CET staff attend the TASC workshop

What do we mean when we say 'Subject to approval'?

From the commencement of 2023 three Catholic Education Tasmania colleges—MacKillop Catholic CollegeSt Aloysius Catholic College, and St Virgil’s College—will progressively extend their educational offering to Years 11 and 12.* This will complement the excellent year 11 and 12 education currently provided by St Mary’s College and Guilford Young College.

When engaging in a project such as this there are a number of aspects we need to seek approval for. Mostly these are related to getting building works approved, and being formally registered to deliver courses in the colleges extending to Years 11 and 12.  

The Office of the Education Registrar (OER) administers the school registration process for all non-government schools in Tasmania on behalf of the Non-Government Schools Registration Board (NGSRB). A key part of the approval process for the three colleges expanding to offer Years 11 and 12 is officially extending our registration with the OER to offer these additional year levels. The OER are very supportive of the three extending colleges and have appointed a Liaison Officer to work closely with Catholic Education Tasmania. Final approval for delivery of Years 11 and 12 education will be provided by the NGSRB when all relevant steps in the expansion project have been completed by each of the colleges prior to 2023.

Catholic education has been available to Tasmanian families since the 1820s. As a system we have vast experience developing new buildings and expanding our delivery of educational opportunities for students. All focused on supporting our 16,000 students across Tasmania with a quality, affordable Catholic education option.

In the past 12 years alone we have:

  • extended St Aloysius Catholic College from a K-6 school to a successful K-10 college through the completion of the secondary campus at Huntingfield;
  • built an additional campus at St Patrick’s College to cater specifically for Year 9 students;
  • worked in partnership with Edmund Rice Education Australia to establish the St Francis Flexible Learning Centre to cater for the diverse needs of Tasmanian students; and
  • continually sought ways to improve our facilities and educational offerings for the families who trust Catholic Education Tasmania with their children’s future. 

We are excited by this next chapter in Catholic education and the opportunity to serve the needs of more Tasmanian students.

Towards 2023: supporting Tasmanian students with more opportunities through Catholic education.

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