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The Storytelling Showcase is back for 2022!

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The Storytelling Showcase is back for 2022. In this year’s edition, the theme is a… ‘Drabble’!  

Do you know what a drabble is? If you do that’s great, but for those who don’t!

A Drabble is a story that is exactly 100 words.

It must follow the conventions of a story, having a beginning, middle and an end. The showcase is the perfect opportunity for students from all year levels within Catholic Education Tasmania to show their peers and greater school community, the skills in storytelling that they have developed while in school. Think of the showcase as a sports carnival, like the interschool cross-country, but within academia which results in an awesome opportunity for students to exhibit their storytelling and imagination.

Storytelling is such an important part of Australia’s history and has traditionally been a technique for young people to learn about life and culture. By giving schools an opportunity to create their own competition within their school and the potential of the best entries being put forward to ‘the Storytelling Showcase’, it gives students the chance to develop their skills as writers and learn how to write within a (very) strict word count. 

The main purpose of the Showcase is to engage students with the idea of storytelling, trying to get them to have fun while using their imagination and being as creative as possible. After successful iterations of the Showcase in 2020 and 2021, Lisa Fenning the Literacy Project Lead Advisor at CET said, this year’s showcase gives students a chance to try and write a story that is a little bit different.

You've only got 100 words; you really must do something good with those 100 words to make it worthwhile,” stated Lisa. “A drabble usually has a twist or something different at the end to make it interesting. We thought we’d try and be a bit different this year rather than a theme. We’d go with a challenge!

In 2021, when the Showcase theme was ‘Another World’, several students from within CET tried using different means to illustrate their narratives. There were multimodal finalists that used oral storytelling, the use of animation, a choose your own adventure style PowerPoint and one entrant had the creativity to tell a story using the Scratch Coding Program. There are endless possibilities and students have the capacity to submit their Drabble through whatever means they feel comfortable using. The Storytelling Showcase is designed for students to ‘break the norm’ and demonstrate their creativity when they submit stories from outside of the box.         

Lisa Fenning (L) and Jenny Noble (R)

All stories are judged through five specific criteria, no matter how they are submitted, traditionally or through other means. These are relevance to the theme, creativity and originality of the story, flow/structure of the story, the development of plot and characters, and the engagement of the audience. Each school can submit up to three entries per group, which is spread across five different year level brackets.

CET is trying to spark schools to host their own storytelling competition within their community to try and receive the best possible submissions from each school before the award ceremony later this year in September. Jenny Noble, Education Officer: Extending Learning at CET, was impressed with the standard of submissions since the Showcase’s inception.

We started the CET Storytelling Showcase in 2020 as there was little opportunity for our students to share their storytelling and creative writing abilities beyond the classroom”, said Jenny. The creativity and imagination of entries over the past two years have been impressive. We hope the restricted word count of a Drabble will inspire our students and see all our schools get involved in the CET Storytelling Showcase this year.”

CET is excited to hear that there are so many students interested in participating in this year’s Showcase, and how willing they are to be bold and brave by submitting their work to be judged by a panel. Entries are not being judged on spelling or participation, it is about the story and the flow of how the story is being shared by students. All entered participants will receive a certificate of participation and a ‘goody-bag’ for the lucky contestants from each area in the North, North-West and South.

Let’s get students involved in storytelling because I know that for a lot of children, especially if they have difficulty writing, is not a natural thing. But everybody can formulate stories in their head. Let’s get thinking about a great story that you might want to put into the showcase.” – Lisa Fenning, TCEO

Now that you know what a Drabble is… can you find one within this story?

Entries close on 21 September 2022.