Family Factsheet and Frequently Asked Questions

As Tasmania is continuing to see a low number of COVID-19 cases and a positive response to physical distancing measures, changes have been made to the arrangements for CET schools in Term Two 2020 to allow students to return to school in a phased approach.

The gradual return to school is based on managing the numbers of students who will begin to commute on a daily basis. This plan, laid out by the Minister for Education, The Hon Jeremy Rockliff, is based on acceptable levels of student movement.

The following information is provided to assist parents and carers.


Education Assistance Package

Catholic Education Tasmania is proud to share the news of nbn's $150 million COVID-19 relief and assistance package and what it means for low-income families with school-aged children. 

Retail providers of nbn are now offering low cost nbn connections to low-income families. Each provider has different eligibility criteria and different terms so for more information please see the attached nbn flyer.

Tips on what to ask when talking with a provider:

  1. Ask what the eligibility criteria is.
  2. Ask for a ‘No Lock In Contract’.
  3. Ask them for a full list of costs that could be incurred between now and September 30 (example costs include; Install Charge, Setup Fee, New Development Charge, Modem Cost, Monthly fee, Exit Fee).
  4. Ask them what happens after September 30th (Will the service stop? Will you get a bill?).