Learning to lead

Just Leadership Days are coordinated by Caritas Australia and aim to encourage students to become leaders for justice within their schools and communities.  Advocating for local and global change, the Just Leadership Days provide students with activities and discussions to enhance their leadership skills,  encourage them to challenge injustices and provide them with the tools to encourage others to do the same.

Select Year 5 Catholic students from across Tasmania recently participated in Just Leadership Days held in all three regions. Students from schools within each region gathered with their peers to learn about the work of Caritas Australia, local and global issues, and the qualities of a good leader. 

Students spent the day learning about social justice and the issues facing people around the world, how they can work together to support people who are disadvantaged and marginalised, and watching videos and engaging in activities.

As part of the day, the students were also involved in planning fundraisers in their schools to support Caritas’ Project Compassion in 2016 to raise awareness for those living in poverty.

Taking with them the leadership skills learnt on the day, the students will surely prove to be fair and just leaders of their school communities in 2016 and beyond.



Students from St Patrick's Catholic School