New beginnings

Beginning a new year in a new college that is usually larger and more complex along with different curriculum structures can be challenging for some students. 

In most cases students look forward to this new environment with some anticipation and excitement, however this transition into Year 7 can be a difficult process for some students and their families.  The preparation, planning and support put into place in Year 6 will make the adjustment a positive one for most students.

Communication between families, the college and students helps lead to a successful transition and is the responsibility of all parties.  Families should take advantage of meet and greet opportunities with their child’s new teachers early in first term and to see the social setting of their new college.  Parent/Teacher evenings are ideal opportunities for families and colleges to establish mutual respect and continue ongoing communication to enhance the transition process. 

A family’s involvement in the college environment changes as children mature and become more independent so taking opportunities to reinforce the mutual responsibility between them and their college is important.  If the student has a disability or has a history of anxiety, building on the relationship between home and the college increases in importance.

The excitement of beginning their secondary education with different structures for timetables, different teachers, new uniforms and lockers is an opportunity to increase student participation in the curriculum.  This is more likely to happen if the collaboration between the college and home is strong yet doesn’t intrude on the students developing independence.   

Tim Claridge
Education Officer: Engagement and Transition

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