From the Director

In my first few weeks as Director of Education for the Archdiocese it has been my privilege and pleasure to be able to speak with many of our primary school staff through the professional learning opportunities offered by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office prior to students commencing school in early February.  This time with our staff brought into sharp focus for me the role of contemporary Catholic schools and colleges as a mission of our Church both locally and globally.  

As Christians today, we recognise that we are people of God and carry on the Church’s mission of service, formation, teaching, witness, worship and celebration. For Catholic schools and colleges their core identity is embedded in this mission of the Church and through involvement in their respective Catholic faith communities. Our goal is to support families, who have entrusted their children to our care to reach their full potential through the enhancement of their education, and their personal and spiritual dimensions.  As Catholic educators we are in more than a contractual arrangement with families to provide a service. We are in a covenant with families and our respective parishes to nurture the whole person.

Next Wednesday, 18 February, is Ash Wednesday and so we turn our immediate focus to Lent. The well-known author, C.S. Lewis, once wrote, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” Maybe this Lent we can devote our attention to ponder our existence by using our Christian heritage to help us to see more clearly the purpose of our life.  

In a culture addicted to self-indulgence, can we do as Christ and St Paul did and serve others with our time, energy, money; can we be agents for reconciliation between estranged family members; can we listen to and understand those who are different to us; can we, in our workaholic culture, take time out to pray for ourselves, for others in our life, for others who are not in our life but are in wars and droughts and oppression somewhere in our world; can we, as St Paul did, take time out, use the forty days of Lent to make adjustments to our way of life, to be more obviously Christian in the way we give expression to our lives.  This Lent, I commend to you ‘Towards the Light 2015 - Reflection Resource for Young People Year B’ produced by the Archdiocese of Brisbane. It is available as a free download and it provides Lenten Reflections for all in our communities as they take time out to pray and reflect as we journey to Easter.



Yours in Hope

John Mula
M.EdSL, M.Ed. L., Dip. C.L. B.Ed. Studies. B.Sc. Grad. Dip. T. Cert IV Theol.  F.A.C.E.
Director of Catholic Education