Community spirit

The Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council was officially commenced by consent on 26 November 2012 by His Grace Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Doyle. The Parents Council grew out of the Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation which was formed on 22 November 1959, during the fight for the provision of State Aid for Catholic schools.

The Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council acts under the auspices of the Archbishop of Hobart with his desire for Catholic schools and colleges in Tasmania to give witness to its most important role as an agency of the Catholic Church in Tasmania.

The Archbishop of Hobart Most Reverend Julian Porteous, endorsed the establishment of the Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council to promote the mission of Catholic schools and to foster a true spirit of community.

The Vision for the Parents Council is that parents of children in Catholic schools be full partners in delivering quality Catholic education. This is achieved through our goals:

  • Through faith, support the mission of the Catholic Church in spreading the message of the Gospel;
  • Seek equity through lobbing Governments, Commonwealth and State, to appropriately support and fund Catholic school children;
  • Provide choice for all parents, so that they can decide on the most appropriate education for their children’s development;
  • Ensure quality support is available to all Tasmanian Catholic school parents and friends associations; and
  • Have our voice heard as representatives on various Regional, State and National working parties, committees, forums and boards.
The Vision for the Parents Council is that parents of children in Catholic schools be full partners in delivering quality Catholic education

Throughout 2014 the Parents Council ran a number of events including:

  • our annual conference at St Finn Barr’s Catholic School in October with speakers including Mr Francis Sullivan CEO, Truth Justice and Healing Council, on the dealings and happenings of the Royal Commission;
  • contributing a statement towards a Position Statement supporting the work of the Royal Commission and Truth Justice and Healing Council;
  • relaunching the Guidelines for Parents and Friends Associations which included significant updates for today’s environment including the use of social media to discuss issues within a school or college environment;
  • hosting an evening keynote and workshop with David Price OBE in conjunction with the Australian Parents Council and St Patrick’s College Parents and Friends Association; and
  • becoming foundation members of a new Australian Catholic Schools Parents Body in Catholic Schools Parents Australia which has the full endorsement of the Australian Catholic Bishops.

Each Catholic school and college is able to be part of the Parents Council, through a school or college Community Nominee. These nominees are committed to Catholic education and believe they could make a contribution to the spirit, ethos, development and growth of Catholic education in Tasmania. Each school and college Parents and Friends Association Executive and Board Executive works in conjunction with each other to select a single nominee for the school or college. The nominee is then appointed for a period of two years.

If you would like to further information regarding who your school or college nominee is, or if your school or college does not have one, your Principal should be your first point of contact.

The Parents Council wishes all within Catholic Education a very successful 2015.

Rev Deacon Michael Hangan
Executive Officer


Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council Conference 2014