Apple for the teacher

There’s no better reward for a teacher than the appreciation of their students.  At the end of Term Three Mr Daniel Paternoster from Sacred Heart College New Town was voted Hobart’s favourite Primary School Teacher by 7HOFM listeners.  With a massive 11% of the votes Mr Paternoster secured an iPod Shuffle for all the students in his class, an iPad for himself and one for the College!

We caught up with Mr Paternoster to find out more about Hobart's favourite teacher.

How did you get into teaching?

I got into teaching through my mum! My mum has always been a teacher and I remember her telling me about how much fun it was going to work and all the awesome units of work she was doing with her students and I thought to myself ‘I would love to do that too’ and the next thing I knew I was at university learning to become a teacher!   I loved going to school as a student and when I finished studying I wanted to go back as a teacher and help students discover and learn new things.   

How long have you been at Sacred Heart?

This is my third year teaching at Sacred Heart College. I was lucky enough to have been offered an opportunity to join Sacred Heart as a teacher after I finished studying at University. I love this school so much and I actually went to school here from Prep through to Grade 10.

Working with students is rewarding - every day is exciting and challenging because you get to facilitate students in acquiring new life long skills

Were there any teachers who particularly inspired you at school?

There were so many teachers who made a positive influence and inspired me at school. Many of those teachers are still teaching today and that shows how much they love doing what they do. My Grade 6 teacher was so much fun. He was a massive Hawthorn fan and he was able to relate to all his students and make learning so much fun. Everyone in his class felt so welcome and I really admire that. 

What is it you like best about working with students?

That is a fantastic question! I have to say that the best thing about working with students is having fun and discovering new things together. I am currently working with a fantastic group of Grade 2’s who are so enthusiastic about learning and they are always willing to accept new challenges. It is an absolute delight to teach such a happy group of students. 

Just recently we came back from an awesome Grade 5 camp where there was a giant swing, a massive flying fox and mini outdoor challenges where the kids had to work together as a team to complete tasks and it was a fantastic experience.  Working with students is rewarding - every day is exciting and challenging because you get to facilitate students in acquiring new life long skills. 

How did it feel to be awarded the Apple for the Teacher for 2014?

It came as a bit of a shock and I was very surprised but I have to say it is all about the kids. The students absolutely loved being on live radio that morning. It was a fantastic experience for them and they had the biggest smiles on their faces all day.  


Apple 1 Apple 2 Apple 3

Mr Paternoster with Sacred Heart College students and the team from 7HOFM.