Louise Wright

Many changes have affected the teaching profession over the past 25 years. When considering the advances in information technology, often it is the increased use of computers and tablets that spring to mind. However, MacKillop Catholic College teacher Louise Wright points to one of the great communications updates that proceeded this ‘technological age’… The change from blackboards to whiteboards!

During her 25-year career in Catholic Education, Mrs Wright has also noted how teaching emphasis has evolved, with the focus now more on lateral and critical thinking.

Adding to the appeal of the teaching profession is the daily variety that teachers experience.

“I enjoy teaching because every day is different and it's challenging and fun working with young people.”

Mrs Wright has been working at MacKillop Catholic College for 20 years, and prior to that she spent five years teaching at Dominic College. The support of her colleagues at these Catholic schools is testament to her teaching longevity.

“I enjoy that as a staff we work as a team for the best outcomes for our students in all areas of their development.”

Another highlight for Mrs Wright is meeting with her ex-students.

“The highlight(s) for me is meeting ex-students many years after they have left school and seeing them as adults.”