Joanna Grover

Over the course of 25 years, Corpus Christi Catholic School teacher Joanna Grover has witnessed significant change in the education sector.

“During the last 25 years the key changes have really been in the increasing use of technology and the many different curriculum changes. In the next 25 years I'm sure we'll see many changes to the profession.”

Currently teaching Grade 1 at Corpus Christi Catholic School, Mrs Grover has also contributed to the growth and development of students at Sacred Heart College, Mount Carmel College and Holy Rosary during her tenure.

“I have really enjoyed working with beautiful children and great staff.”

“I think the highlight of my 25 years has been, being able to help so many children learn, especially the children who have had some challenges in different parts of his life. I have been blessed to work alongside so many wonderful people. I have learnt so much from both the people I have worked with and the children I have taught. I think every year and every group of children I have taught have been a highlight.”